Our Recorded Presentations

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Iowa Prairie Conference, July 2013

"Prairies on the Edge" brought together prairie researchers, conservationists, managers, and enthusiasts to discuss tallgrass prairies in northeastern Iowa.  The conference included a special focus on hill prairies and some of the challenges facing those unique habitats. The conference was hosted by the Luther College Department of Biology and co-organized by the Tallgrass Prairie Center at the University of Northern Iowa.

Five recorded presentations are currently available on the Iowa Prairie Conference's Vimeo Channel.

Oak Opening Workshop, March 2013

Featuring recorded presentations from the Oak Opening Workshop, held March 9, 2013 in Eagle, Wisconsin.

All four presentations are available at the Workshop's Vimeo Channel.

Pre-Settlement to Present: A Brief Look at the Landscape of the Southern Kettles

 Matt Zine, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources




Managing Oak Woodland Invasives with Fire

 Nate Fayram, Tallgrass Prairie & Oak Savanna Fire Science Consortium




Nasty Invasives Headed Your Way

Jerry Ziegler, The Nature Conservancy




Bringing Back a Savanna

 Dr. Joy Wolf, University of Wisconsin - Parkside




Tallgrass Prairie and Oak Savanna Regional Fire Conference

Below are links to some of the recorded presentations from the 2013 Tallgrass Prairie & Oak Savanna Regional Fire Conference.

All recorded presentations from the conference are available at the Conference Vimeo Channel.

Mixing Heights and Their Impact on Smoke Dispersion - Casey Sullivan, Meteorologist and Forecaster with the National Weather Service Chicago/Romeoville office.


Bee diversity on two tallgrass prairie remnants after 22 years of management - Mike Arduser, Natural History Biologist and Insect Heritage Biologist with the Missouri Department of Conservation.


Repeated Prescribed Fires Favor Oak Regeneration in Canopy Gaps - Todd Hutchinson, Research Ecologist with USDA Forest Service, Northern Research Station.


Large-Scale Prescribed Burning in Wisconsin: Pros, Cons, and Related Issues - Matt Zine, Conservation Biologist with Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.


Introduction to a select group of prairie butterflies and moths.  A manager's journey attempting to understand these critters for better management outcomes. - Armund Bartz, District Ecologist with Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.


Summer Burns in Michigan: Growing Season Fire in Oak Barrens, Jack Pine Barrens, and other Natural Communities - Jack McGowan-Stinski, Senior Project Scientist with Cardno JFNew.


All of these videos, and more, are on the 2013 Conference Vimeo Channel as well as our Vimeo Page

Looking for videos about why and how prescribed fire is used as a land management tool?

Check out the Fire in the Great Plains series of videos produced by the Great Plains Fire Science Exchange. The series features ranchers and local experts discussing prescribed fire in the Great Plains.

Preserving the Tallgrass Prairie produced by Kansas State University discusses the role of prescribed fire in maintaining western tallgrass prairie.

Looking for more?

The Vimeo Page from our neighbors at the Oak Woodlands and Forests Fire Consortium

The You Tube Channel from the Tallgrass Prairie Center

And the You Tube Channel from LANDFIRE